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Output reveal Co-Producer AI tool

Generates samples based on text descriptions

Output Co-Producer Pack Generator text description generative AI music sample pack creation tool

Output have announced the launch of Co-Producer, a generative AI technology which they say has been designed to supercharge human creativity in music making, but not to replace it! The first tool to utilise the technology comes in the form of Pack Generator, which makes it possible for anyone to create unique, royalty-free sample packs simply by describing what they’d like to hear with text prompts.

The company say that Pack Generator stands apart from other AI-based music tools as it has not been built to generate music or been trained on copyrighted material. It is described as a sophisticated sample generator powered by a combination of generative AI and authentic audio samples provided by real musicians. It has been purpose-built to help music makers find new ideas quickly, and allow them to focus on other elements of the creation process such as composing, arranging and mixing.

The tool is capable of generating material based on descriptions entered as a text input, and will create audio previews that allow users to audition its progress. It is possible to request sounds that express a particular emotion, as well as defining parameters such as key and tempo, or to draw influence from the style of other bands or artists. Once they are happy with the results, the tool will generate a pack of 30 royalty-free samples that can be downloaded for use within a DAW.

“We are a company built by musicians so we are deeply connected to the cultural conflict between AI’s capabilities and our own creativity. We believe that AI can enable us all to spend more time making music and less time dealing with mundane tasks like searching for sounds, for example. Technology should never take away from the creative process for those that want it.” - Gregg Lehrman, producer, composer and Founder/CEO of Output


Co-Producer is currently at the beta testing stage, and can be accessed via Output’s website.

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