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Percussa debut Synthor System 8 wireless modular synth

Pre-orders now being taken

Proof positive that the world of synthesis will never cease to surprise, the Synthor System 8 from Percussa is a modular synth like no other. This stand-alone system is made up of the Engine, a digital synth with quad-core DSP and a high-resolution screen, the Remote control surface and the wireless Audiocubes, and it’s this last component that will prompt the most eyebrow-raising and head-scratching.

While most parameters are adjusted using the Remote’s buttons and rotary controllers, the Audiocubes function as a wireless patching interface. Each one is assigned to a module within the system represented by the Audiocube’s coloured lights — yellow for output modules, green for oscillators, blue for envelopes and so on. Linked wirelessly to the Engine, the Audiocubes communicate with each other via infrared sensors on each of their four vertical faces. Changing the placement of the Audiocubes in relation to each other patches modules together inside the synth, while how far apart they are affects amplitude. It’s an intriguing approach that brings a unique physical element to concepts of modular synthesis, but this is certainly a system more suited to the experimental end of synthesis than throwing together a quick bass patch for your next trance track! 

It’s also pretty formidable in terms of pricing, with high-end components used throughout. While users are free to configure their own setup, the default system comprising the Engine, Remote and eight Audiocubes costs 4240 Euros before tax. Percussa are taking pre-orders now.

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