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RME bring TotalMix FX to more users

Original Fireface 400 & 800 to get new lease of life

RME have long had a philosophy of robust engineering and quality long-term product support. Staying true to that ethos, they have announced that a series of new drivers will be released that bring a whole host of upgrades and features to product lines dating back up to 13 years! 

Not only will there be compatibility to the latest generation Microsoft and Apple operating systems, but the well-received TotalMix FX software found in the newest RME interfaces will also be made available in earlier models. The models that will benefit from this update include the RME Fireface 400 and Fireface 800.  

Features such as EQ, echo, reverb and dynamics will still only be available on the new, more powerful models such as the Fireface 802, UCX and UFX, but all upgraded models will now be able to use and enjoy a range of new features including:

  • Improved graphics including the ability to zoom in and out
  • OSC remote control
  • ‘Control room’ section  with improved monitoring and talkback features 
  • Mute and Solo groups
  • Layout presets
  • Multiple remote support
  • Assignable key commands
  • Mono and stereo channel display

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