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RodeCaster Pro II unveiled

Major revision to all-in-one production studio

Rode RodeCaster Pro II

Rode have unveiled the RodeCaster Pro II, a new and updated version of their all-in-one production studio for content creators. New features include a new high-performance audio engine, Neutrik combo jacks for connecting instruments as well as mics, redesigned preamps, a fully customisable digital mixer, completely overhauled APHEX processing with advanced on-board editing and an intuitive editor called VoxLab, on-board effects, dual USB-C interfaces, advanced Bluetooth connectivity and more.

Building on the success of the original RodeCaster Pro, Rode say this new version has been designed from the ground up with a focus on all content creators, rather than just podcasters. Equipped with four inputs featuring Neutrik XLR/TRS combo sockets, the RodeCaster Pro II will now allow users to directly connect their instruments as well as microphones.

Each input features Rode’s ultra-low noise, high-gain Revolution Preamps. Developed specifically for the device, these preamps provide 76dB of gain and boast a claimed equivalent input noise of -131.5dBV, which Rode say deliver stunning clarity and transparency whilst eliminating the need for lifters or boosters with even the most demanding dynamic microphones. Four high-power headphone outputs are provided, as well as a pair of balanced outputs for connecting speakers for monitoring and playback.

There are nine audio channels available, with the device sporting six physical faders and three virtual faders. Any of the nine audio sources can be assigned to any fader, allowing users to set the mixer configuration to suit their own requirements. Further physical control is provided in the form of eight SMART pads, which can be configured to carry out a variety of tasks including triggering effects, sending MIDI commands, activating automated mixer actions and more.

Eight banks are available for the pads, giving access to a total of 64 actions. Every device setting can be saved on-board as a ‘Show’, ensuring a quick set up time, and enabling different setups to be saved for different users or purposes. The RodeCaster Pro II also comes equipped with a full colour touchscreen paired with a rotary encoder to navigate and control the console’s software.

Internal processing is carried out by Aphex audio processors, which have been overhauled and remodelled from the versions found in the original device. Onboard effects including reverb, echo and pitch-shifting are available, with a quad-core audio engine Rode claim delivers more power than any other content creation console on the market. All processing and effects parameters can be edited, saved as presets and loaded at any time on any channel.

Dual USB-C interfaces enable the simultaneous connection of two computers or mobile devices, with an extra virtual USB channel for connecting chat applications, unlocking the potential for everything from remote podcasting to organising complex streaming setups. Bluetooth connectivity allows users to record high-quality phone calls and can also be used for audio streaming or connecting to wireless speakers. Stereo or multitrack recording is supported to an onboard microSD card, or via USB to a computer or external storage device.

Other key features include mix-minus on the Bluetooth and USB channels, bi-directional MIDI communication, mute and listen buttons, producer talkback mode, stereo input linking with pan controls, and tailored presets for Rode microphones and other popular models.

Rode RodeCaster Pro II rear panelRode RodeCaster Pro II rear panel

The RodeCaster Pro II will be launched with a suite of accessories, including a high-quality protective cover, VESA mount, carry bags, coloured cables, and more. Pricing and availability is yet to be announced. More information is available on Rode’s website.

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