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Two notes ReVolt amp simulator pedals

Guitar and bass models both feature 12AX7 valve preamp

Two Notes ReVolt pedals

Two notes Audio Engineering have announced the ReVolt Guitar, and ReVolt Bass, a pair of new three-channel amp simulator pedals that feature an all-analogue signal path with a valve preamp stage and DI output with switchable cabinet simulation.

Two Notes ReVolt Guitar amp simulator pedalTwo Notes ReVolt Guitar amp simulator pedalBoth pedals follow the same format and layout with the top panel divided into three separate channel sections, each activated via a footswitch and equipped with their own Gain and Volume controls. Channel one has its own dedicated two-band EQ, whilst channels two and three share a three-band EQ between them. An additional knob provides an adjustable boost function on the ReVolt Guitar, with the ReVolt Bass featuring a Dry/Wet control for blending the high-gain channel with the DI signal.

Each of the channels have been inspired by classic amplifiers, with the ReVolt Guitar featuring American Clean (Fender Bassman 100), British Crunch (Marshall JMP Superlead) and Modern Lead (Soldano SLO 100) sections. The ReVolt Bass sports Classic Clean (Ampeg SVT ’76), Vintage Dirt (Marshall JMP Super Bass Mark II) and Modern Drive, which is modelled on a custom proprietary high gain bass amp.

Two Notes ReVolt Bass amp simulator pedalTwo Notes ReVolt Bass amp simulator pedalA balanced DI output with switchable cab simulation allows the pedals to be connected directly to a PA system or recording rig, whilst an instrument level output and effects loop connections provide versatile integration options with existing amp setups. A Four-Cable Method switch allows users to route an amps effects send to the pedals input, essentially adding three additional channels to their amp, or the ReVolt’s output can be run into an amps’ effects return to bypass the preamp section in favour of the ReVolt’s.

The ReVolt pedals will make their public debut at NAMM 2022. They are available for pre-order through stockists and directly from the Two notes website now, with shipping expected in September 2022. Both are priced at $399£349 Including VAT.

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