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Roland unveils AIRA Compact range

Authentic Roland sounds in new pocket-sized instruments

Roland AIRA Compact instrument range

Roland have announced the release of AIRA Compact, a new series of ultra-portable instruments that utilise technologies found in the company’s top-line instruments to provide everyone from hobbyists to professionals with affordable devices that feature authentic Roland sounds. Instruments in the AIRA line-up can be used individually or connected and synchronised to form part of a larger setup, with the option to monitor and mix signals from multiple AIRAs from a single master unit. Integration with DAW systems and other hardware instruments is provided via MIDI or USB-C. 

T-8 Beat Machine 

Roland AIRA Compact T-8 beat machineCombining iconic sounds from machines such as the TR-808, TR-909, and TR-606, the T-8 Beat Machine is equipped with a six-track drum sequencer that features the famous TR-REC workflow, and includes tools such as step loop, pattern shift and probability, enabling users to generate dynamic performances with constantly evolving grooves. As well as drums, the unit also features bass sounds and functions from the TB-303.

J-6 Chord Synthesizer 

Roland AIRA Compact J-6 chord synthesizerFeaturing sounds from the Juno-60 synth and a powerful chord sequencer with 100 chord sets to choose from, the J-6 Chord Synthesizer allows users to build chord progressions with one-touch presses on the built-in keyboard. Style and variation controls are also available, allowing the creation of rhythmic patterns. On-board filter and envelope controls allow further crafting of sounds, whilst customisable delay and reverb effects provide users with the chance to add final touches to their creations without needing use any external processors.

E-4 Voice Tweaker 

Roland AIRA Compact E-4 voice tweakerThe E-4 Voice Tweaker has a hands-on interface and provides a mix of advanced voice transformer tools and standard vocal effects, giving performers access to everything from traditional vocal enhancements to beatboxed grooves and striking alien soundscapes. Pitch and formant sliders allow users to craft their vocal sounds and create robot voices, whilst  further processing options are provided by auto pitch, automatic harmony and vocoder settings. A built-in 24-second looper allows performances to be captured on the fly, and a unique scatter function provides slicing of sounds that can be controlled via a dedicated panel knob.

More information is available on Roland’s website, with UK pricing and availability to be announced.The AIRA Compact range is available now, with each unit priced at $199.99. More information can be found on Roland’s website.

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