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Samplecraze e-books

Learn the latest tips and tricks from your desktop!
Web-based audio specialists Samplecraze have released a new title in their range of e-books on music production, which are created by Eddie Bazil. The latest is the Beat Production Bible, which takes the user through the ins and outs of creating beats, covering topics such as quantisation, sample manipulation, processing, and mixing. It costs just £11.99 and comprises a PDF file and an audio download, so you can hear examples while reading the tutorials.

The Beat Production Bible is also included in Samplecraze's Production Suite, a collection of five e-books. Costing £34.99, the Production Suite covers drum layering (at beginner and advanced levels), EQ, and mixing, as well as the topics in the Beat Production Bible.

To purchase any of Eddie Bazil's e-books, head to the Samplecraze web site (click here). If purchasing the Production Suite, a broadband connection is recommended, as it's around 200MB.

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