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Singular Audio reveal Tubedrve

500-Series module uses EF86 and 6AS6 valves

Singular Audio Tubedrve 500-Series tube valve saturation overdrive distortion hardware effects module

Singular Audio have announced the release of the Tubedrve, a 500-Series stereo valve saturation processor. Employing four valves in its circuitry, the unit offers pentode and triode operation modes, providing a smooth sounding overdrive made up of predominantly even harmonics, as well as more aggressive distortion containing mostly odd harmonics.

A pair of Input controls allow users to set the level of the audio signal being sent to the valves, and each channel is equipped with a Boost switch capable of providing an additional 15dB of gain to obtain more extreme overdriven sounds. The bias current for each channel can be controlled via a Bias knob, which introduces asymmetrical waveform clipping at its highest and lowest settings, resulting in a more aggressive tone. The device’s triode and pentode modes are also individually selectable on each channel.

Singular Audio Tubedrve 500-Series tube valve saturation overdrive distortion hardware effects moduleThe Tubedrve uses New Old Stock EF86 and 6AS6 valves, and offers both triode and pentode operation modes.Two Out controls provide post-valve level controls, and each channel is also equipped with a Mix knob, which provides a wet/dry balance control to allow for parallel processing. Singular Audio say this is a useful feature as it allows the user to restore some of the dynamics that can be lost due to the compression introduced by more extreme distortion settings.

A pair of white LEDs provide a visual indication of the amount of overdrive being applied, and each channel features a bypass switch, which utilises relays to remove the saturation circuitry from the module’s signal path entirely. The Tubedrve uses NOS (New Old Stock) EF86 and 6AS6 valves, and utilises a DC-DC converter to generate a plate voltage of 240VDC.

Pricing & Availability

The Tubedrve is available now, and is being currently (5 December 2022) being offered for an introductory price of €699, compared to its full price of €799.

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