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Sonicware LIVEN 8bit warps firmware upgrade

Limited edition model also announced

Sonicware LIVEN 8bit warps firmware synthesizer sequencer

Sonicware have released a firmware update that expands the capabilities of their LIVEN 8bit warps synthesizer, as well as announcing the upcoming launch of a new All Black limited edition model.

Sonicware LIVEN 8bit warps All Black limited edition synthesizer sequencerThe limited edition version of the LIVEN 8bit warps sports a dark colour scheme.Version 3.0 of the synth’s firmware more than doubles the amount of onboard effects, with new distortion, phaser, tremolo, ring modulator, auto-wah and reverse delay processors bringing the total effects count to 10. The built-in sequencer has been treated to an upgrade, too: users can now duplicate sequences to double their length as well as looping pattern chains, and a new Sound Locking feature makes it possible to record synth parameters whilst a sequence is programmed or recorded. The company have also added 29 new drum sound patches that can be used alongside the Sound Locking function to create drum patterns. Finally, the update addresses a number of known bugs.

Alongside the release of the new firmware, Sonicware have also revealed a limited edition All Black version of the instrument, which is idential in terms of functionality, but with black keys and buttons in place of the original’s white and grey alternatives.

Pricing & Availability

The firmware update is available to download now from the Sonicware website. The limited edition All Black LIVEN 8bit warps will begin shipping on 26 September, priced at $259.

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