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Sony unveil C-80 microphone

Promises high-quality sound at an accessible price

Sony C-80 entry level large dual-diaphragm condenser microphone

Sony have announced the C-80, an entry-level uni-directional condenser microphone aimed at home studio users. Featuring some of the same technology found in the company’s C-800G and C-100 models, this latest offering promises to make high quality sound even more accessible.

Sony C-80 uni-directional microphone with case and shockmountThe C-80 employs a capsule derived from the C-100, which is housed within a two-part metallic anti-vibrational body structure similar in design to that of the C-800G. A dual-diaphragm configuration helps to suppress the proximity effect, whilst the Noise Elimination Construction originally developed for the C-800G/C-100 reduces acoustic vibration of the microphone’s body, resulting in lower noise.

Sony say that the C-80 provides a realistic reproduction of the characteristics of an instrument, such as the sound of guitar strings and the resonance of the body, and that a “tight and rich” mid-range provides vocal sounds with a clear core and presence, allowing vocal parts to stand out in a mix.

The microphone is equipped with a switchable low-cut filter and -10dB pad, and is capable of withstanding an SPL of 138 dB. In terms of noise performance, Sony state that the C-80 has a signal-to-noise ratio of 81.5dB, with a self-noise level of less than 12.5 dB SPL. 

“The C-80 takes advantage of Sony’s heritage in professional audio, providing users with an affordable introductory model that incorporates high-end professional features. With unrivalled sound quality and thoughtful construction, the C-80 is a great addition to any audio enthusiast’s microphone collection and a perfect complement to Sony’s full line of professional audio technologies.” - John Studdert, Head of Media Solutions, Sony Electronics

Pricing & Availability

Sony are planning to release the C-80 in November 2022 in the US and Canada, priced at $500. Worldwide shipping and pricing details are yet to be announced.

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