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SOS launches 3 Podcast channels

SOS Podcasts - 3 launch Episodes

SOS recently launched three different Podcast channels that feature regular shows hosted by our editorial staff and a team of expert freelancers.

The Recording & Mixing channel takes the practical approach and will keep you inspired with expert hints and tips, whereas the Electronic Music channel is for everyone interested in synths, samplers and the world of electronic music. And the People & Music Industry channel is where we’ll feature interviews with the great and good in engineering, production and manufacturing.

Our first three episodes are on air now and you can listen to them on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. Or on the SOS Podcasts page here on our site where you’ll find a summary of each show along with photographs, useful chapter time cues and related website addresses mentioned in the show.

We’ll be releasing new shows throughout the months ahead and would welcome your ideas too. Email your suggestions to:

On the Recording & Mixing channel:

Three Ways To Compress Snare
Expert Tracking & Mixing Tips by Mike Senior

Compression can do radically different things to the sound of a snare drum, depending on how it's set up. In this episode, Mike Senior explores three ways in which a compressor can help bring your snare tracks to life.

On the Electronic Music channel:

Suzanne Ciani
Synthesizer Pioneer, Sound Designer & Electronic Music Legend

Join composer and electronic musician Caro C in conversation with Suzanne Ciani, a synthesizer and electronic music legend who has pushed the envelope since the 1960s and is best known for her use of Buchla synths.

On the People & Music Industry channel:

AMS Neve

Mark Crabtree of AMS Neve chats with Editor In Chief Sam Inglis about how two of the biggest names in UK audio technology came together, and how they are using their unique expertise in analogue and digital audio to develop their next wave of studio products including the reinvented 500-series RMX16.

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