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Spitfire Audio Fractured Strings library

New ensemble strings release from Spitfire Audio

Spitfire Audio Fractured Strings

Fractured Strings has recently been released by Spitfire Audio. As the name might suggest, this is a string library and provides a wealth of violin and cello samples, played both solo and as an ensemble. Fractured Strings was produced with collaboration from Hans Zimmer’s scoring collective Bleeding Fingers Music (Frozen Planet II, Planet Earth II, Blue Planet II) as well as top London string players.

Spitfire Audio say that Fractured Strings brings a new approach to articulations, giving inspiring fresh inspiration from unusual intervals and chord modes. These include over 100 seventh-reaches, two-note statements, swelling rotations, pizzicato strums and soaring chord extensions. Fractured Strings also features Spitfire’s new Scale Mode technology. You can select any of the seven diatonic scale modes or build a custom scale by clicking on the notes. The sample player will then intelligently select the right samples that best suit that scale.

The vast space of the hall really reflected the extremes that we were scoring in the natural world…” - James Everingham, Bleeding Fingers Music

The samples have been captured at the AIR Lyndhurst Hall studios, where many blockbuster film scores have been recorded, as well as other Spitfire libraries such as Albion Neo, Chamber Strings, and Olafur Arnalds Chamber Evolutions. Working with eight of London’s finest string players and the Bleeding Fingers team, Spitfire have created a vast suite of short leaps, gestures and swells.


Fractured Strings is available now at an introductory price of £199 / €229$229, returning to the RRP of £249 / €299$299 after 13 October 2022.

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