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Spitfire Symphony Orchestra goes Pro

Professional edition Strings, Woodwind & Brass released

Spitfire Symphony Orchestra Professional

Spitfire Audio's flagship library, the AIR Lyndhurst-recorded Spitfire Symphonic Orchestra, has just been expanded. SSO's three constituent products — Woodwind, Strings and Brass — are now available in Professional editions, which, much like the Pro versions of their Studio Orchestra series, include a huge range of extra mic positions, plus three ready-rolled mixes, in this case engineered by award-winning film score mixer Jake Jackson (Star Wars, Doctor Who, Assassin's Creed, David Copperfield).

All the samples were fastidiously captured at 96kHz, via AIR Studios' Neve Montserrat console and a Studer 2-inch tape recorder, but this time you get 11 signals per instrument: eight individual mic signals, plus the three aforementioned mixes. In total, the Spitfire Symphonic Orchestra Professional series boasts an enormous 175 articulations, with multiple dynamic layers and round-robin samples employed extensively. Each section library also offers a choice of four ensemble sizes: Solo, Chamber, Symphonic and Cinematic. Like all current Spitfire libraries, the SSO Professional instruments are fully NKS compatible, and Spitfire's in-house GUI has apparently been streamlined to make it even more intuitive.

As you might expect from a flagship range, the new Spitfire Symphonic Orchestra Professional editions are priced slightly higher than the non-professional editions (around £2-300 more than the standard versions), but as a special introductory offer, Spitfire are selling the whole range at a significantly reduced price until the end of May. So, if you buy it before then, you can get Symphonic Strings Professional for £599 (normal price £999), Symphonic Brass Professional for £539 (normally £899), and Symphonic Woodwinds for £479 (normally £799).

Spitfire are also permanently dropping the pricing for their complete collections — so the non-Pro Symphonic Orchestra is now available for just £899 (previously £1499), and the entire Symphonic Orchestra Professional collection can be yours for £1299.

To find out more about the new Professional edition libraries, and to hear them in action, check out Spitfire co-founder Paul Thomson's walkthrough video below.

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