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SPL Vitalizer in plug-in form

Mix sweetener in your favourite DAW
SPL have released a plug-in emulation of their Vitalizer mix-enhancement processor. The Analog Code Vitalizer is available in most common plug-in formats, including TDM, RTAS, VST, Audio Units and even Venue format, optimised for Digidesign Venue live consoles.
The Vitalizer is intended for use when ‘polishing’ finished mixes, splitting the programme material into bands and treating each separately. The signal is split into a original signal and a side-chain, which is processed separately and mixed into the main signal, creating a sound with greater subjective “clarity”, “depth” and “richness”.
Key features include a bass control section that allows compression to be applied to the low end alone, and a control that allows the bass to be adjusted for a ‘soft’ or ‘tight’ tone. The plug-in version has the usual benefits of convenience when compared to the hardware unit, as well as multi-channel (namely surround) operation.

The SPL Vitalizer is available from SPL’s web site, and you can download a demo there too.

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