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SSR Ian Brown Scholarship and Bursary fund 2013

Stone Roses frontman relaunches education fund

Ian Brown bannerIan Brown bannerIan Brown, renowned frontman of Manchester band The Stone Roses, has put his name to a scholarship and bursary fund at SSR. Formerly the School of Sound Recording, SSR has UK campuses in London and Manchester and one fully paid scholarship wil be available at each. There is also a bursary fund which will pay for half of the tuition fees for 20 qualifying students.

The scholarship and bursary funds are designed to offer financial assistance to prospective students who may otherwise face barriers to private education due to financial or other circumstances. To apply for a scholarship or bursary, you must be over 16 years old. 

For more information from SSR, read on.

Press Release: Following discussions with Ian Brown, The Stone Roses and the band’s management team, SSR and Ian Brown are re-launching the Ian Brown Scholarship & Bursary fund for 2013. 

The Ian Brown Scholarship & Bursary fund offers over £150,000 towards tuition fees for prospective students applying for SSR’s Audio Engineering Techniques & Technology courses in London and Manchester.

The Ian Brown Scholarship was first launched in London in 2010/11 and was awarded to Sophie Grant. Sophie was immediately identified during the application process as a very talented individual who just needed a helping hand to get started and get noticed. Since receiving the scholarship, Sophie completed her studies at SSR London and now works not only in studios but out on the road doing front of house engineering duties with the likes of The Datsuns on their recent European tour.

The Ian Brown Scholarship will pay the entire course fees for two students studying SSR’s Audio Engineering Techniques & Technology course at their campuses in Manchester and London (1x scholarship per campus).

The Ian Brown Bursary fund provides 20 half-price places on SSR’s Audio Engineering Techniques & Technology course in London and Manchester (10 bursaries for each campus). Successful applicants will pay half the normal tuition fees, with the Ian Brown Bursary fund making up the difference.

2012 was a very successful year for Ian Brown and The Stone Roses, with the band reforming for 3 massive homecoming concerts at Manchester's Heaton Park followed by an extensive world tour that is currently still going strong. With the huge success of the band's resurrection, Ian and the rest of the band felt strongly about giving something back to their fans and contributing to the wider industry. Among other projects this involves the relaunch of the Ian Brown Scholarship and Bursary fund.

Ian Brown: "When SSR first approached me about the original scholarship in London I was only too happy to help and put my name to it, and after the amazing year we have had with The Roses the time is right to kick-off again with more scholarships for 2013. Although I sadly haven’t met her yet, I know Sophie (the recipient of the original London scholarship) is doing great and I hope this new scholarship and bursary fund will help out and inspire more talent to get into the music industry. Good luck and big love, IB.”

SSR (formerly the School of Sound Recording) is an award winning centre of excellence providing courses and training in audio engineering, music production and creative media. The institution has campuses in Manchester, London and Jakarta, Indonesia, with SSR Singapore scheduled to open later this year.

Ian Brown and The Stone Roses have strong links with SSR historically, having recorded and rehearsed at the company’s Spirit Studios complex in Manchester early on in their careers.

 The Ian Brown Scholarship and Bursary fund is open to anyone aged 16 or over. The applicant could be in school, college or considering university options, or could already be employed in a totally different working environment and looking for a career change.

SSR’s Audio Engineering course is suitable for anyone looking to get into the music/audio industry, as a studio/recording engineer, live sound engineer, music producer, post production editor, location/broadcast sound recordist, audio technician and much more.

The scholarship and bursary funds are designed to offer financial assistance to prospective students who may otherwise face barriers to private education due to financial or other circumstances.

Applications will be judged the applicant’s ability to demonstrate how this training will help them meet their goals and follow their passion of a career in the music industry.

For further details on the scholarship and how to apply, please visit the Scholarship page on SSR’s Manchester or London website.

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