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Summer NAMM 2009: Akai LPK25 & LPD8 (Video)

Miniature USB/MIDI Controllers
Akai have launched two miniature controllers for laptop-based musicians and producers. The LPK25 is a MIDI controller with 25 velocity-sensitive keys that’s just over 12 inches wide, making it perfect for electronic musicians on the go. It’s got octave up and down buttons, to change the range of notes that the two-octave keybed addresses, and there’s an on-board arpeggiator, with tap tempo, to easily programme patterns.

The LPD8 is another MIDI controller identical in size to the LPK25. This one has eight MPC-style pads and eight rotary encoders, providing control over DAW software and DJ applications. By default, the pads send MIDI note information to the connected computer, but they can be set up to send program-change information.

Both miniature devices cost $69 each and are powered by a mini-USB connection from the computer, which also carries the MIDI information.

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