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Tascam and IK Multimedia T-RackS giveaway

Free plug-in for users of select Tascam devices

Tascam IK Multimedia T-RackS Porta One free tape multitrack plug-in giveaway offer

Tascam have announced a giveaway which provides users of a range of their recording products with free access to IK Multimedia’s T-RackS Porta One plug-in. Running until 31 August 2023, those with qualifying products will be able to add the sound of Tascam’s best-selling Portastudio unit to their computer-based recording setup.

T-RackS Porta One

A part of IK Multimedia’s Tascam Tape Collection, the T-RackS Porta One plug-in provides an authentic emulation of one of the earliest portable multitrack tape recorders. An original unit was taken apart by IK Multimedia’s DSP team, with each section being analysed thoroughly and meticulously recreated in software.

Control over the bias and EQ of the record head is provided, along with a two-band EQ section and a choice of Type I or Type II cassette tapes. To stay as true to the original as possible, the plug-in even emulates the slight level, EQ and distortion differences between the left and right channels, although unlike a real tape machine, this behaviour can be bypassed if required!


T-RackS Porta One is supported on PCs running Windows 7, 8 or 10, and Macs running macOS 10.10 and higher. It is available in VST2, VST3, AU and AAX plug-in versions.


In order to access the software, users need to register their eligible products via the Tascam ID online portal. They will then receive a code for a free copy of T-RackS Porta One, which can be used to register with IK Multimedia and download the software.

The giveaway is available to users of the following Tascam products:

  • Model 12
  • Model 16
  • Model 24
  • TA-1VP
  • Portacapture X8
  • Portacapture X6
  • DP-006, DP-008EX
  • DP-03SD, DR-05X
  • DR-07X
  • DR-40X
  • DR-44WL
  • DR-100MKIII
  • GB-10
  • MiniStudio US-32
  • MiniStudio US-42
  • Mixcast 4
  • SERIES 8p Dyna
  • SERIES 102i
  • SERIES 208i
  • US-16x08
  • US-1x2HR
  • US-2x2HR
  • US-4x4HR

Registration is limited to countries which are part of North America, South America, and members of the EU as well as the UK, Norway, Switzerland and Iceland. All other countries are limited to registration of Tascam’s Model 24, Model 16, Model 12, and TA-1VP only.

Tascam ID registration page:

IK Multimedia registration page:

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