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Tascam DP02 & DP02CF

Fresh faces in the Portastudio range
Tascam are rolling out a new line of portable multitrack recorders to supersede their long-serving DP01 eight-track range. Their new products, the DP02CF and the DP02, have updated features, as well as cosmetic changes and lower prices.

The standard version, the DP02, can record two channels simultaneously to its built-in 40GB hard drive, and there are eight tracks, to which incoming audio can be assigned. The two inputs can both accept line- and mic-level signals, and an instrument can be plugged directly into one of them. Each playback channel has two-band shelving EQ, a knob for sending the channel’s signal to an external effects loop, and a pan control. There are also per-channel faders, as well as illuminated arm buttons and mute status LEDs.

Usefully, the DP02 has a CD burner built in, allowing mixes, backups and pre-masters to be burned directly from the recorder, without the need for additional equipment. It also has a USB 2.0 interface, which lets you transfer audio from the DP02 to a computer so you can, for example, mix your recorded tracks in a DAW environment.

The DP02CF (right) is slightly different in that it has no CD burner or hard drive. Instead, it records to a Compact Flash card. The CF lacks the built-in effects that the standard model has too, but still features the USB 2.0 interface, so you can transfer your tracks directly to a computer. Both new models offer stereo digital outputs, a stereo effects return, an internal metronome and a headphone output.

The Tascam DP02 and DP02CF are shipping now, costing £349 and £219 respectively. Watch out for a forthcoming review in Sound On Sound magazine!

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