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Tascam release TSQD-128A SD card

Optimised for audio recording tasks

Tascam TSQD-128A SD SDXC memory card optimised audio recording

Tascam have announced the release of the TSQD-128A, a high-performance 128GB SDXC card optimised for audio recording that boasts high read and write speeds and utilises an internal self-maintenance feature that defragments data in the background to offer improved long-term performance.

The card supports the UHS-I (Ultra High Speed) standard, offering a maximum transfer rate of 95MB/second for reading, and 85MB/second for writing. Tascam have chosen a custom media card that has been developed in close collaboration with their own engineers, who carried out in-house evaluations in order to determine which media displayed the most resistance to repeated random access.

Each card is tested and pre-formatted by Tascam, and is optimised for use with their range of products that use SD cards as a storage medium. The company say that the card will provide a minimum speed of 30MB/second, and also supports USH Speed Class 3, and Video Speed Class V30.

In addition to being optimised for Tascam products, the card is ideally suited for use with SDCX-compatible devices from other manufacturers.

Pricing & Availability

The TSQD-128A is available now, priced at $179.

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