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U-he MFM2 version 2.5 major update

Inspiring and versatile digital delay plug-in updated

U-He MFM2 Version 2.5

The MFM2 from U-he is their over-the-top digital delay plug-in. Its name an abbreviation for ‘More Feedback Machine’, MFM2 has recently been updated to version 2.5. Now featuring a redesigned GUI, native support for Apple silicon (M1), VST3 and CLAP, new granular effects and more.

The previous 3D circular GUI design has been replaced with a more practical layout. Capable of a huge variety of delay types, U-he claim that the new version of MFM2 can create ping-pong and panning delays, filtered and frequency-shifted delays, reverb, diffusion and ambience, granular effects, compressed delays, endless loops, massive glitch effects and much more. You can also create any custom combination of the delay effects and experiment with new sound design possibilities.

Several of the new factory presets make use of the Diffusor effect, which demonstrate that version 2.5 is also a capable reverb unit. Fans of experimental effects will also welcome the Granular feature, which includes a reverse option and host-syncable grain size.


U-he MFM2.5 is available now, priced at €99.

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