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VEMIA vintage gear auction announced

The sale will take place between 6th-13th November

VEMIA 2021 auction

Audio equipment auctioneers VEMIA are about to host their 53rd sale, and it looks set to be a big one! The auction will be held between November 6th and November 13th, with a 'last-chance Sunday' auction being held on the 14th, to give bidders the chance to scoop up any gear that hasn't yet been sold.

Among the coveted kit they'll be selling this year are an E-mu SP-12, a Formant modular synthesizer, various vintage Moogs (including a Polymoog, a Memorymoog, a Source, and an early Musonics Minimoog), and a host of classic pedals, including the Mu-Tron Bi-Phase, an MXR Phase 100, and the original fuzz pedal, a Dallas Music Industries Fuzz Face, which was famously built into the base of a microphone stand.

To register for the auction, or to simply enjoy a leisurely scroll through their prodigious list of gear, follow the link below.

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