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Video: Novation unveil Peak hybrid polysynth

New eight-voice poly revealed ahead of Superbooth

Novation have launched a brand new desktop synthesizer today called Peak. The new design combines digital oscillators using the company's newly-developed Oxford Oscillator technology, with a multi-mode analogue filter, and a plethora of modulation options. 

Designed by Chris Huggett, the man behind the Wasp, OSCar,  Bass Station (I and II) and the Novation Nova synths, the Peak certainly has a promising provenance. 

Thanks to the use of digital oscillators, we get all the regular analogue-style waveforms as well as a selection of wavetables and the ability to get into FM territory through the modulation matrix.

Throw in onboard bread-and-butter effects: Chorus, Delay, Reverb and Distortion, as well as two 'Animate' controls for swift engagement of performance parameters, and this looks like a strong contender, especially considering its price. We're not talking pocket money, but £1249 for an eight-voice polysynth really isn't bad. 

Read our full review in the upcoming May 2017 issue, out April 20. You can a get Peak for yourself when they start shipping, mid-May.

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