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Waves launch Waves Online Mastering

New AI-based mastering platform announced

Waves Online Mastering AI-based service upload mix download master

Waves have announced the launch of a new AI-powered online mastering service that aims to provide users with quick and easy access to high-quality masters of their finished mixes. Waves Online Mastering integrates the company’s Waves Neural Networks technology with a new AI-based mastering engine, which has been developed alongside a team of top-tier mastering engineers.

Aimed at beginners and seasoned musicians and producers alike, the service promises to deliver release-ready masters for any uploaded track, helping users to ensure that the quality of their finished material competes with other songs on the market and ensure that they sound professional on any playback platform.

Upon uploading a track, Waves Online Mastering will deliver a ‘Precise’ master that it believes suits the song best. The results can be personalised using Style and Tone customisation options — which offer selectable modes such as Organic, Elevated, Depth and Presence — and it is also possible upload reference tracks in order for the service to match their sonic characteristics.

“I got involved with this project intending to create a tool that would be as good as, or even better than, my own skills. We have modelled the processes and techniques I use daily, using advanced machine learning technology, and meticulously compared the sound to that of my own mastering chain, until we achieved the required level of excellence. We’re very proud to share this service with you; it provides such dependable masters, that often even I can't distinguish between them and my own mastering. It is intuitive and beneficial for any DIY producer/songwriter, professional mixing engineer, or music licenser.” - Piper Payne, Mastering Engineer - Dolly Parton, Janis Ian, Madame Gandhi, Corook, LeAnn Rimes


The service allows users to upload stereo files in 16-, 24, or 32-bit WAV, AIF, AIFF and MP3 formats at 44.1, 48, 88.2 or 96 kHz sample rates. Stereo 24- or 32-bit WAV or MP3 export options are provided at the same sample rates. Waves Online Mastering does not support surround formats. Waves say that mono tracks are supported, but are not recommended.


The service uses a credit system, where one credit entitles users to one mastered track. Users are able to preview the results for free, and will only be charged when they choose to export a master. Credit prices are as follows:

  • 1 Credit: $5.99
  • 5 Credits: $24.99 ($4.99 per track)
  • 15 Credits: $59.99 ($3.99 per track)
  • 60 Credits: $179.99 ($2.99 per track)

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