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Waves update Nx EQ correction plug-ins

Over 270 new headphone profiles added

Waves Nx updated with 270 new headphone profiles

Waves bring 270 new headphone profiles to their Nx Virtual Studio plug-ins (reviewed in SOS January 2017). Each of the Nx plug-ins provides a 3D acoustic simulation of some of the world’s finest mixing studios, so you can listen to your mix in a simulated version of Abbey Road or Ocean Way, as well as a whole host of broader listening applications. This latest update adds EQ correction curves for 270 popular pro audio headphones by 54 brands.

For maximising a pair of headphones’ performance and sound quality, EQ correction is essential. EQ correction is an EQ curve applied to a signal to counteract variations in the frequency response, and deliver a flatter overall response. Waves hope that this update means users can make their headphones sound more reliable by selecting one of the newly included profiles.

This update is shared by all the Nx plug-ins: Abbey Road Studio 3, Nx Ocean Way Nashville, CLA Nx, Nx Germano Studios New York and Nx Virtual Mix Room. The EQ correction profiles cover a huge range of manufacturers, including the likes of major brands AKG, Audio-Technica, Beyerdynamic, Sennheiser, Sony, Shure, Focal and many more. A full list of supported headphones can be found here.


You can find out more, purchase and download Waves Nx plug-ins from the Waves website.

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