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Studio One: Arranger Track

PreSonus Studio One Tips & Techniques By Robin Vincent
Published April 2021

The Arranger Track can be made visible from the Global Track Visibility menu, at which point it appears below the timeline.The Arranger Track can be made visible from the Global Track Visibility menu, at which point it appears below the timeline.

Structure your music with the Arranger Track.

The Arranger Track helps you define and structure your music. Scratch Pads give you a place to play outside of that structure away from the arrangement of the track you’re building so that they don’t interfere or get confused. In this month’s workshop we’ll look at some rather useful connections and interactions that are unique to Studio One and offer a fast way to edit and evolve your music with the minimum amount of clicks and mouse travel.

Home On The Arranger

You’ll find the Arranger Track in that collection of utility tracks that appear under the timeline. You can activate them by selecting them from the menu that appears when you click on the Global Track Visibility button just to the left of the big + Add Track icon. This is where you can also access the Marker, Chords, Key Signature, Ruler and Tempo Tracks.

Double‑click in the Arranger Track and Studio One will automatically add a bar‑sized section and name it ‘Intro’ because it believes you must surely be starting with an intro. The initial idea with the Arranger Track is to break your song up into sections and define what they are. You’d commonly define sections as Intro, Verse, Chorus, Bridge and so on, although you can break as many conventions as you like — Studio One doesn’t care.

You can rename a section to anything you like, choose a colour and resize it to fit around the section you are trying to define. Once a section is created it will act as if everything beneath it belongs to it. So, if you move...

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Published April 2021

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