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A Helping Hand

Leader By Sam Inglis
Published June 2020

By the time you read this, lockdown could be over. Studios, shops and music venues might be reopening. Musicians, engineers and producers could be starting to rebuild careers. Manufacturing and distribution could be returning to something resembling normality. That is everyone's hope; but, of course, there is also the very real possibility that social distancing will have to go on much longer.

Sam Inglis, Editor In Chief.Sam Inglis, Editor In Chief.Photo: JG HardingWhatever happens, Covid‑19 won't stop us writing and producing the best music technology magazine on the planet. And we are determined to do as much as we can to support musicians and producers, during and after the crisis. So, for the next three months, and until restrictions are lifted, everyone is invited to enjoy our new digitised edition of Sound On Sound — for free. No subscriptions, downloads or special apps are required: simply go to the SOS home page at and click on the graphic image. Existing subscribers will continue to receive print copies, of course, as well as enjoying subscriber-only benefits such as downloadable Full Issue PDFs, access to our web articles and our Tablet Edition — and, of course, they'll now benefit from free access to the page-turning Digital Magazine too.

Whatever happens, Covid‑19 won't stop us writing and producing the best music technology magazine on the planet.

Another milestone this month is the launch of not one but three Sound On Sound Podcast channels. Our Recording & Mixing channel will bring you practical, hands-on advice with real-world audio examples, including a regular series from long-term SOS contributor Mike Senior. On the People & Music Industry channel, we'll be grilling producers, engineers and equipment designers, offering careers advice and exploring industry trends, while our Electronic Music channel will be your new online home for all things synth-related! You can find the SOS Podcast channels at

Finally, if you're one of the many readers who currently find themselves with time on their hands, you might be thinking about making podcasts yourself. With that in mind, we've used this issue of Sound On Sound to bring together a collection of must-read articles covering the techniques you'll need and the equipment that can help you.

Whether you're looking for a way to share your own interests or passions, or seeking new opportunities to bring additional revenue into a commercial studio, podcasting can bring satisfaction, recognition and, if you're lucky, financial gain. It's an opportunity to learn new skills, talk to interesting people and bring pleasure into the lives of strangers. In other words, it's a natural extension of making music — and I hope you find the process of making them as rewarding as we have.

Sam Inglis Editor In Chief