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House Music Pioneer - Marshall Jefferson | Podcast

Marshal Jefferson - House Music Pioneer

Marshall Jefferson talks about his early years in the Chicago house music scene, his seminal 'Move Your Body’ track, the classic equipment he's worked with and how modern music technology allows anyone to create with ease.

Show Notes


00:34 - Introduction
01:10 - The Early Years
05:42 - Rock Music Influence
08:52 - Ron Hardy, Trax Records & DJ Pierre
10:29 - Replacing Stolen Equipment
11:44 - Logic and Roland Cloud
13:19 - The Ten City Album
13:47 - Incorporating Binaural
15:36 - Composing Alone
18:03 - Working On Headphones
22:47 - Sonic Improvements
24:39 - Market Saturation
27:09 - Females In Electronic Music
29:25 - Future Projects

Marshall Jefferson - Biog

Marshall Jefferson has been a key player in the house music genre. Starting out in the Chicago house scene, his early tracks like ‘Open Our Eyes’ and ‘7 Ways To Jack’ were put out on the TRAX Records label and made an impact on the scene, but it was his use of piano in the 1986 release ‘Move Your Body’ that brought wider attention to his work.

Marshall Jefferson 1988Marshall Jefferson 1988 - Photo: Rachael Cain

Since those early years, Marshall has helped to develop the acid house movement with his work on ‘Acid Trax’ with DJ Pierre in 1987. He also turned his hand to deep house, most notably on ‘Open Our Eyes’, released in 1988 on Big Beat. He headlined the first House Music Tour of Europe in 1987 and in the '90s did a five-year residency with the Tribal Gathering and Big Love Events in London, during which time he released his 1997 studio album Day Of The Onion.

In 2021, Marshall teamed up with Byron Stingily to release a new album Judgement under the Ten City band name, their first collaboration in 25 years.

Interviewer: Caro C - Biog

Caro C with headphonesCaro CPhoto: Shirlaine ForrestCaro C is an artist, engineer and teacher, specialising in electronic music. She started making music thanks to being laid up whilst living in a double-decker bus and listening to Warp Records in the late 1990s. This "sonic enchantress" (BBC Radio 3) has now played in most of the cultural hotspots of her current home town of Manchester, UK. Caro is also the instigator and project manager of electronic music charity Delia Derbyshire Day.
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