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Preamps / Channel Strips

If you are looking for 19" rackmount or 500-series Mic Preamps, or Preamplier plug-ins, Voice Channels and all manner of Channel Strips, you will find the Sound On Sound web articles collected here.

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    Rupert Neve Designs Newton Channel preamp EQ compressor Silk Red Blue transformer saturation channel strip

    Rupert Neve Designs unveil Newton Channel

    Latest channel strip features Red/Blue Silk saturation

    RND's latest channel strip is capable of delivering a clean, transparent and detailed sound, but also offers a range of saturation options thanks to the inclusion of their Red and Blue Silk circuits.

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    Black Lion Audio Auteur DT

    Microphone Preamplifier & DI

    There’s more to this desktop preamp than turning up your mic!

    Reviews . Jun 2023
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    KIT Plugins BB N73

    Preamp & EQ Plug-in

    KIT’s latest collaboration with Blackbird Studio brings us their take on the Neve 1073.

    Reviews May 2023
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    Neve USB/ADAT 1073OPX preamp expansion card interface standalone

    Neve launch USB/ADAT option for 1073OPX

    Provides preamp with new USB and ADAT modes

    The latest expansion card for the 1073OPX adds ADAT connectivity along with extended USB interface functionality.

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    Tascam SB-16D

    Tascam release the SB-16D

    16-in/16-out Dante-enabled stagebox

    This a 16-input, 16-output Dante-enabled stagebox has been designed to work with Tascam Sonicview mixing consoles.

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    Warm Audio WA-MPX & WA-2MPX

    Valve Microphone Preamplifiers

    Countless hits were recorded using Ampex tape recorders and their characterful tube input stages. These preamps promise that legendary sound in a convenient format.

    Reviews Apr 2023
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    TK Audio SP502 500-series microphone preamplifier selectable vintage modern Class-A transformer-balanced output

    TK Audio unveil SP502 preamp

    Features vintage and modern output stages

    This 500-series preamp from TK Audio aims to deliver both vintage and modern tones by allowing users to switch between two separate output circuits. 

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    Warm Audio launch WA-MPX & WA-2MPX preamps

    Exclusive SOS review now live!

    Warm Audio have released the WA-MPX and WA-2MPX valve mic preamps — take a look at our exclusive in-depth review to find out more. 

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    Audient EVO SP8

    Mic Preamp & ADAT Expander

    Audient’s EVO ecosystem grows further with an unusually intelligent ADAT expander!

    Reviews . Mar 2023
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    Caveman Audio BP1 & BP1 Compact

    Bass Preamplifiers

    The BP1 and BP1 Compact are superb bass guitar preamplifiers in a pedal format.

    Reviews Mar 2023
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    Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter X in-line microphone preamplifier gain boost ribbon dynamic

    Cloudlifter X announced

    Cloud Microphones expand in-line preamplifer range

    The latest Cloudlifter device offers up to 36dB of gain, and can be driven into saturation if desired thanks to a custom Cinemag transformer.

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    SPL Crescendo Duo V2 two-channel microphone preamp 120V high headroom

    SPL reveal Crescendo Duo V2

    Updated design and gain step values

    SPL's two-channel preamp has been updated with revised gain step values and now sports a stylish black finish. 

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    Kerwax Melodium P22T portable valve tube microphone preamp

    Kerwax introduce Melodium P22T

    Portable valve microphone preamp

    Kerwax's latest device is a hand-built valve microphone preamp housed within a portable enclosure.

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    RME Digiface AES digital audio interface standalone format converter S/PDIF ADAT

    RME to launch Digiface AES

    New Digiface features AES I/O

    The latest addition to RME's Digiface line-up features 14 inputs and 16 outputs, offers full standalone operation, and provides flexible playback and monitoring facilities courtesy of TotalMix FX.

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    Audient EVO SP8 Smartgain preamp line-level output A-D D-A converter interface ADAT expander

    Audient unveil EVO SP8

    8-channel Mic Preamp with Smartgain

    SP8 expands Audient's EVO range with eight Smartgain preamps, eight line-level outputs, and built-in A-D and D-A conversion. 

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    Gainlab Audio Bishop outboard channel strip valve preamp optical compressor double slope

    Gainlab Audio announce Bishop

    New channel strip employs E88CC and 12AX7 valves

    Gainlab Audio's latest device couples a valve microphone preamp with an optical compressor that features an interesting "double slope" design. 

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    CEntrance launch English Channel

    New device bundle from portable recording experts

    The English Channel combines CEntrance’s SoapBox, BlackCab, and Portcaster devices with a custom desktop enclosure, providing an all-in-one channel strip with a built-in SD Card recorder and audio interface.

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    Q. Do ADAT connections affect the signal quality of microphone preamps?

    Will I lose signal quality using a poor quality ADAT cable? 

    Sound Advice Dec 2022
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    Soyuz Launcher Deluxe stereo in-line microphone preamp booster saturator

    Soyuz Launcher Deluxe in-line preamp

    Combines gain boost with saturation

    Rather than providing a clean gain boost, the Launcher Deluxe from Soyuz has been designed to provide saturation for both microphone and line-level signals. 

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    Vic Keary passes away

    Thermionic Culture founder

    Founder and chief designer of Thermionic Culture, Vic Keary, has sadly passed away. 

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    Caveman Audio AP1

    Acoustic Instrument Preamplifier

    If you play acoustic instruments with piezo pickups and require the very best amplification, the AP1 is a serious contender.

    Reviews Oct 2022


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