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Accusonus ERA 5 Bundle Pro

Audio Restoration Plug-ins By Paul White
Published June 2021

Accusonus ERA 5 Bundle Pro

When cleaning up dialogue, speed, quality and ease of use are all important — and Accusonus aim to tick all those boxes with their flagship bundle.

Comprising 13 plug‑ins, Accusonus’ ERA Bundle Pro is designed to tackle common audio problems, but particularly those affecting speech and vocals, with as little as possible in the way of operational complexity or unwanted side‑effects. The company have good form in this area — their products were licensed by Adobe a couple of years ago, but they’ve since gone on to develop new products and fine‑tune the existing algorithms.

Almost all of the processors in this bundle are compatible with all the common plug‑in formats for Windows and Mac, the only exception being Room Tone Match which is only available as a Pro Tools AudioSuite plug‑in. The only obvious functional omission from the suite is a dedicated hum/buzz‑removal tool, though Noise Remover Pro can help improve such issues.

Reducing Noise & Room Sound

Noise Remover Pro is based on proprietary Accusonus algorithms that reduce noise without requiring the noise‑only fingerprint that many competing products do. This makes it easy to operate: a large white dial sets the desired amount of noise reduction. Processing amounts within each of four adjustable frequency bands can be set separately, to focus the processing on the parts of the spectrum that most need it and, as with many of the restoration plug‑ins, you can switch to monitor what’s being removed rather than what’s left, to ensure you’re not throwing away anything vital. The ERA Bundle Pro also includes the automatic, single‑knob Noise Remover, which many people will find is all they need when cleaning up video dialogue or podcast material. In place of adjustable thresholds, this simpler plug‑in offers a choice of five preset noise focus profiles.

The Pro version of the bundle includes both the more advanced Pro and simpler one‑knob versions, where both are available.The Pro version of the bundle includes both the more advanced Pro and simpler one‑knob versions, where both are available.

As with all such processors, if you reduce the noise by the minimum amount you’ll end up with the cleanest‑sounding results in terms of artefacts. The Pro version works well as long as you’re only trying to reduce the noise level by about 10 to 12 dB, though the amount you can get away with does also depend on the nature of the audio material and the character of the offending noise. The simpler version offers a more straightforward way to clean up dialogue, though you may have to be less ambitious about the amount of noise that can be removed, depending on the nature of the material.

Another common post‑production problem is excessive or mismatching location ambience or reverb...

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