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Arturia Clavinet V

Software Instrument
Published May 2018
By Nick Magnus

As pristine as it would have been when it left the Hohner factory in 1971 — together with the built-in combo amp and stompbox effects.As pristine as it would have been when it left the Hohner factory in 1971 — together with the built-in combo amp and stompbox effects.

Arturia’s new V Collection 6 includes a digital tribute to possibly the funkiest of all keyboards — the Clavinet.

Arturia’s V Collection suite is in its sixth revision, now with a total of 20 virtual recreations of classic synths and electro-mechanical instruments (see 'V Collection 6' box later). This review focuses on one of the collection’s newest members, Clavinet V, a recreation of an iconic keyboard whose popularity has endured for nearly six decades. It would be unusual to find a keyboard player who was not aware of the Hohner Clavinet, the ‘funk machine’ that forged the groove of many funk, jazz fusion, rock and soul tracks since the 1960s. The first model to be introduced was the Clavinet I in 1964, followed by the II, L, C, D6, E7, and finally the Pianet/Clavinet Duo in 1982. Arturia’s Clavinet V is modelled upon the D6, widely held to be the pinnacle of the Claviverse. Contrary to popular folklore, Stevie Wonder’s ‘Superstition’ was played on the 1968 model C, not the D6 as often cited.

Clavinet V’s GUI sets the scene with a photo-real image of a D6, accompanied by a combo amp and five stompbox effects (shown above). This D6 is depicted in showroom condition — not a coffee cup ring or unsightly burn mark to be seen — but let’s just pretend this is 1971, the D6 has just rolled off the production line and the gigging...

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Published May 2018