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Telecaster Noise-cancelling System By Dave Lockwood
Published June 2012

The following audio files demonstrate the difference made by the Ilitch Tele Plate noise‑cancelling system.

A brief audio clip recorded before installing the Ilitch hum‑cancelling unit for Tele. I used a high‑gain sound of the sort where hum pickup is usually a problem for single‑coil guitars. As usual, the hum is substantially masked by the guitar sound, but becomes evident as soon as the playing stops. No audio compression was used in recording or bouncing these clips, as that always exacerbates low‑level noise, such as hum pickup.


The same phrases recorded after installing the noise‑cancelling unit, using the same guitar and amp settings, mic position and gain structure. The tail‑out after the playing stops is now almost completely clean, with only a little amp noise evident.


Random edits between the 'hum' and 'no‑hum' clips. There is no significant tonal difference, to my ears, beyond perhaps the fact that the clips were recorded on different days (I may have simply played them slightly differently) and the post‑install clip has new strings. The amount of noise reduction is most dramatically demonstrated during the alternating sections at the end.


One for the real enthusiast! Tweaking the preset pot during install to find the most effective null point. The unchanging background amp hiss serves as areference to demonstrate that the clip level is not changing, only the amount of hum.