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MXL Revelation | Audio Examples

Multi-pattern Valve Microphone By Matt Houghton
Published September 2010

These audio files accompany the SOS September 2010 review of the MXL Revelation microphone.

These audio files accompany Paul White's review of the MXL Revelation multi-pattern valve microphone (/sos/sep10/articles/mxl-revelation.htm), which appeared in SOS September 2010.

The Revelation was tested alongside an AKG C12VR, for the purposes of comparison. Both mics were used on a range of sources, including electric and acoustic guitar, voice and percussion — and the source should be self-explanatory from the name of the audio files.

MXL Revelation Microphone | September 2010 issue by Sound On Sound

Download all Hi-Res WAVs | 23 MB

Why not download and audition these files in your own DAW software? Click on the Download button to download the original hi-res of that single track for proper auditioning — remember: the player uses lo-res MP3 audio to allow fast online listening. Alternatively, download the entire demo tracks in one go using the ZIP file link above.  

Published September 2010