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Quested V2104

2-way Active Reference Monitors
By Phil Ward

Quested V2104

The baby of Quested's established V series provides quality monitoring even for those with limited space.

There's no getting away from it, the Quested V2104 is very small. Having reviewed quite a few monitors in recent times that approach the midfield niche in terms of size, low–frequency bandwidth and potential volume level, it was a pleasant change to set up a pair of truly diminutive speakers either side of the DAW. The story of how the V2104 came to be so tiny is apparently one of chance. A dimensional mistake in the construction of a studio for which Quested's slightly larger S6R model had been specified left the space reserved for the built-in monitors slightly too small. Rather than require the studio innards to be torn down and rebuilt, Quested simply developed a smaller monitor, and that became the V2104.

You'll appreciate from that story that Quested are not a huge corporate behemoth. If we were to go to one of the larger companies and say, "Really sorry but we've slightly messed up on our studio build and the monitors we had in mind won't fit, so can you design us a smaller one?" I think I know what the answer would be! The fact that Quested were able to offer a custom solution to a self-inflicted monitoring problem reveals the company to be a nimble and responsive one, but somewhat unusually for such manufacturers, Quested are also, in audio terms, very long established. Long–established audio companies tend either to have grown large and left their nimble years behind (much like Sound On Sound writers really), or to have ceased to exist before the 'long established' certificate arrives. Quested were formally born in 1985 when founder Roger Quested swapped his recording engineer and occasional monitor designer roles around. He'd designed the main monitors at London's DJM Studios, where he had also engineered for artists such as Pink Floyd, Paul Simon, Cat Stevens and the Kinks, but when other London studios began to ask him to work similar magic on their monitoring, electro-acoustics took over from mics, desks and faders. Now based in deepest Devon on the South West corner of the UK, Quested manufacture a range of active and passive speakers designed for nearfield to main monitoring duties, along with speakers aimed at high-end custom–install home cinema.

Go Quest

To put some numbers on my earlier description of 'very small', it's 132mm wide, 232mm high and 160mm deep. See what I mean? The front panel real estate is not much more than half an A4 sheet, but even so, Quested found space for a 28mm soft–dome tweeter, an 80mm (100mm chassis) coated–paper–diaphragm bass/mid driver, a push-button illuminated power switch, and a 25mm–diameter flared reflex port. The volume level and bandwidth help that reflex loading provides is all but unavoidable for any monitor with so little internal enclosure volume and bass driver diaphragm to play with, so even though I've often made a case for the benefits of closed–box monitors, I can appreciate why, in the case of the V2104, that option wasn't really feasible. Furthermore, it's not so much the presence of a port that can play the monitoring role of Achilles' heal, it's the implementation. It'll be interesting to hear in practice how the V2104 plays the bass bandwidth/volume level/time domain trade-off....

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Published April 2020