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    Slate Digital VIRTU web cloud-based online track song mastering service

    VIRTU online mastering from Slate Digital

    Web-based mastering with customisable settings

    Slate Digital's new online mastering service promises to give mixes the clarity, space and depth they need to compete with modern chart-topping hits.

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    Slate Digital analogue emulation plug-ins modelling virtual microphone system VMS

    SCV announce Slate Digital distribution

    Latest pro audio company to join SCV line-up

    SCV Distribution have announced that they will now be handling retail distribution of all of the Slate Digital’s plug-ins and microphone products for the UK and Ireland.

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    Slate Digital MO-TT

    Multiband Upwards & Downwards Compressor Plug-in

    Slate have taken the famous OTT effect and added a whole load more control, creating a unique dynamics processor.

    Reviews Jan 2022
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    Slate Digital Custom Opto

    Analogue-modelling Compressor Plug-in

    At heart, it models the same hardware as Slate’s FG‑2A, but Custom Opto’s tweaks make it useful on so many more sources!

    Reviews Dec 2021
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    Slate Digital FG-2A

    Virtual Analogue Compressor Plug-in

    The world’s not short of LA‑2A plug‑ins, but some are more convincing than others...

    Reviews Jun 2021
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