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Mix Rescue: Gypsy Jazz | Audio Examples

Hear For Yourself By Sam Inglis
Published May 2021

These audio examples accompany the Mix Rescue: Gypsy Jazz article in SOS May 2021.

Audio Files

Listen to the SoundCloud MP3 files for quick gratification, or download the high-res 24-bit Wav ZIP file and audition them in your own DAW.

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Original mix.wav


Jérémy Dutheil had tried to match the sound of reference tracks which had more and richer ambience than his own raw recordings. He’d ended up with a mix that was probably a bit too bright and too wet; the guitar solo, especially, sounds quite harsh and over-reverberant. In the remix I tried to make things sound smoother, and we eventually decided that less was more when it came to reverb.

Accordion 1 - 5

These five files trace the processing that was applied to the accordion in stages. The first one is the raw recording. Next you hear the same file but with key clicks removed in iZotope RX. Example three shows the results of adjusting polarity and timing between the two mics, while examples four and five have all the eventual tonal and dynamics processing, without and then with reverb.

Guitar Solo 1 - 3

Likewise, these three examples illustrate the raw sound of the guitar solo, then the processed version and finally the processed solo as it appears in the mix, with reverb.

Rhythm Guitar 1 - 3

Finally, here you can hear the same progression in the case of the two rhythm guitars.