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Mix Rescue: Jazz-Trio | Audio Files

Hear For Yourself
Published April 2008

You can hear the differences Mike Senior made to the individual elements of the mix, and to the mix as a whole by listening to these audio files. You can audition the MP3s online, but if you want to hear things in depth why not download the WAV files and import them into your sequencer?

A section of the bass part, panned as in the remix, but otherwise unprocessed.

The bass part as it appears in the remix, complete with gentle EQ, reverb, and three types of compression: full-band parallel, full-band insert, and multi-band.

The unprocessed piano part for the same section, panned as in the remix.

Parallel compression and reverb were used to create the final remix sound.

The overhead mics for same section of the song, panned as in the remix, but with no other treatment. Notice the sharp stick noises on the cymbal hits, something I later dealt with using multi-band compression.

The rather coloured-sounding kick-drum close-mic recording, courtesy of an AKG D112.

A second kick-drum mic was placed on the batter-head side, where it also picked up such nice-sounding snare spill that there was no need to use the signal from the dedicated snare close mic at all.

It was fortunate that the snare close mic proved to be redundant, as it sounded very unnatural. In addition, the Shure SM57 used had captured some unpleasant-sounding hi-hat spill.

The complete drum sound, as it appears in the remix. Some multi-band compression and an EQ notch dealt respectively with stick noise and a tom resonance in the overhead mic signals, and another notch dipped a ringing on the batter-head kick-drum mic. I then used parallel compression and reverb to improve the detail and sustain of the drum mix as a whole and blend it with the production as a whole.

These two files show the complete mix for the same section of the song, the first with the single SIR reverb send switched off, and the second with it active. This serves to demonstrate how much of the ambience is coming from the actual recordings, and how much I added artificially.

The mix that Jesper originally submitted to Mix Rescue.

Mike's remix from the same multi-track files.