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    Reason: Alternatives To 4/4 Time

    Reason Tips & Techniques

    Reason seems firmly fixed in a 4/4 time signature — but clever use of the Redrum and Matrix pattern-based devices allows you to explore more unusual signatures. Here we explain how, as well as bringing you the essential news and tips.

    Techniques Nov 2004
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    Reason: Using Mackie Tracktion Sequencer As A Rewire Host

    Reason Tips & Techniques

    Mackie's Tracktion sequencer makes an ideal budget Rewire host for adding audio recording and plug-in capabilities to your Reason setup, as we explain...

    Techniques Oct 2004
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    Instant Track Creation In Reason

    Reason Tips & Techniques

    We explore an advanced technique for creating 'instant' tracks using Propellerhead's Reason software.

    Techniques Sep 2004
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    More Reason To Be Cheerful

    Reason Tips & Techniques

    A new Refill is reviewed and ways around some common Reason problems are offered.

    Techniques Aug 2004
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    Reason Notes Starts Here!

    Monthly Column For Propellerhead Reason Users

    SOS's 2003 Reader Survey told us that you want our help in getting the best from this popular package — and we're happy to oblige with a new monthly column.

    Techniques Jul 2004
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    Propellerhead Reason v2.5

    Virtual Studio [Mac & PC]

    The success story that is the Reason software studio continues to unfold with the release of v2.5, which adds a slew of sophisticated effects and processing devices — all free to registered users.

    Reviews Dec 2003
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    Q. Can I make my computer perform better with Reason?

    I have an oldish Mac with only 128MB of RAM, and would like to know how I can squeeze the most out of it with Propellerhead's Reason.

    Sound Advice Oct 2003
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    Ernst Nathorst-Böös

    Propellerhead Software

    Propellerhead, makers of the unique Reason software studio, have come from nowhere to award-winning developer status in just eight years. We catch up with one of the key men behind this small but influential Swedish company.

    People Jan 2003
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    Using Reason: Part 2

    Making The Most Of Reason

    In the second half of this two-part series, we pass on tips that make sequencer use easier, explain device layering, and add some hints for the new devices added to Reason in the v2 update.

    Techniques Dec 2002
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    Using Reason: Part 1

    Making The Most Of Reason

    Propellerhead Software's flexible studio package can take you in all kinds of new creative directions if you know how to get the best out of it. Let us be your guide...

    Techniques Nov 2002


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