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Monitor Controller

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    Lake People MC100

    Lake People announce MC100 monitor controller

    High-end studio monitoring made in Germany

    Lake People build on their expertise in converters and headphone amplifiers, announcing the MC100 monitor controller.

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    Trinnov NOVA studio acoustics room-correction DSP monitoring controller system optimisation hardware

    Trinnov to release NOVA

    Combines room-correction & monitor control

    The latest room-correction system from Trinnov Audio aims to deliver the benefits of their high-end processing systems in a smaller, more cost-effective package. 

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    Universal Audio Apollo x16 immersive monitoring support Dolby Atmos 9.1.6 Sony 360 Reality Audio Auro-3D

    Universal Audio Apollo x16 immersive update

    Interface now supports up to 9.1.6 monitoring

    Universal Audio Apollo x16 users now have the ability to monitor a range of immersive playback formats including Dolby Atmos, Auro-3D, Sony 360 Reality Audio and more.

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    Dave Hill Crane Song Dave Hill Designs

    Dave Hill (1954 - 2023)

    Audio engineer and designer passes away

    Dave Hill, the audio electronics designer and founder of Crane Song and Dave Hill Designs, has sadly passed away aged 68.

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    2400 Audio Imperium NG

    Passive Monitor Console

    This digitally controlled monitor controller boasts an impressive array of features.

    Reviews . Mar 2023
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    Grace Design m908 firmware update surround immersive Dolby Atmos multi-channel monitor controller

    Grace Design m908 firmware update

    Multi-channel monitor controller gains DSP boost

    Grace Design's m908 now supports up to 12 bands of room correction on each of its 24 channels, and can be configured via a web-based setup platform. 

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    TC Electronic Monitor Pilot

    Monitor Controller

    TC’s Monitor Pilot is a simple monitor controller with a small, wired remote control unit. The idea, of course, is...

    Reviews Nov 2022
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    RTW TouchControl 5 Dante monitor controller metering solution

    RTW TouchControl 5 monitor controller

    Monitor control and metering solution for Dante networks

    The TouchControl 5 from RTW brings together the company's monitor control and metering expertise to offer an all-in-one solution for Dante-based systems. 

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    NAMM 2022 - Wayne Jones Audio

    Video report

    Wayne Jones talks us through a partnership with Sonarworks and a new range of monitors. 

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    Grimm Audio UC1

    Audio Interface, A‑D/D-A Converter & Monitor Controller

    There are many high‑end converters that boast excellent specifications — but this one sounds good too!

    Reviews Jun 2022
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    SPL MTC Mk2 monitor controller

    SPL MTC Mk2 Monitor Controller

    New headphone features and monitor checks

    SPL’s popular monitor controller updated with a range of welcome new features.

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    API MC531 Monitor Controller

    API announces MC531 Monitor Controller

    Full-featured monitor control for DAW workflows

    The new API MC531 offers a stand-alone version of the monitoring functionality built into the centre section of their analog consoles.

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    Trinnov D-Mon

    Trinnov D-Mon updated

    Atmos & Dante compatibility added

    Powerful monitor-correction system now supports Dolby Atmos setups.

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    Trinnov D-MON & La Remote

    Monitor Controller With Listening-system Correction

    Trinnov’s pioneering range of room‑correction systems now has a dedicated monitor controller.

    Reviews Oct 2021
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    Monitor Controllers

    An Introductory Guide

    Why might you need a dedicated monitor controller — and what separates the good models from the bad?

    Sound Advice Oct 2021
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    SPL Control One & Marc One

    Monitoring Controllers

    SPL combine their acclaimed headphone amps with monitor control facilities and USB audio interfacing.

    Reviews Sep 2021
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    PreSonus MicroStation BT

    PreSonus release MicroStation BT

    Monitor control with Bluetooth streaming

    Passive monitor controller features a subwoofer output and alternate Bluetooth 5.0 listening source.

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    Grace Design m900

    Headphone Amp & D-A Converter

    We check out Grace’s compact, mastering‑quality solution for monitoring on the move.

    Reviews Feb 2021
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    SPL Marc One

    Two new monitor controllers from SPL

    Control One & Marc One offer speaker switching, Crossfeed headphone amps and more

    The Control One and Marc One offer speaker switching, Crossfeed headphone amps, subwoofer outputs and more.

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    Grace Design update m908 firmware

    Version 1.04 improves quality and flexibility of room correction filters

    Firmware version 1.04 improves the quality and flexibility of the m908's room-correction filters.

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    Coleman Audio TC4

    Mastering Transfer Console

    The TC4 aims to make it easy to use mastering hardware with your DAW.

    Reviews Jul 2020


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