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Arturia release free Minimoog-style filter plug-in

Intro deal on standalone Mini V filter plug-in

In the spirit of giving, this holiday season Arturia will be releasing a free, standalone version of the famous ladder filter found in their highly acclaimed Mini V software synth. 

The filter itself is based on the legendary monosynth developed by Dr Bob Moog in the 1970s — which Arturia cannot name for legal reasons — and has been painstakingly reproduced to be as faithful and accurate to the original as possible. Arturia worked closely with Bob Moog back in 2004 to recreate this timeless ladder filter, and their team of engineers have been using the latest breakthroughs to refine it in the years since. Using their exclusive TAE technology (short for True Analog Emulation), Arturia developers claim to have been able to replicate the behaviours and subtle nuances of analogue components, and it is this technology that brings the 24 dB/octave filter emulation to life, allowing it to breathe, scream, and whistle like the original. 

To receive your free MiniFilter V, go to

To read more about the process behind replicating this famous filter, read the “Behind The Mini V” focus article with Stefano d’Angelo, DSP engineer with Arturia.

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