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Audio Technica unveil AT8175 Pop Filter

Compatible with 20 Series microphones

Audio Technica AT8175 Pop Filter shield clip on AT 20 Series microphones

Audio Technica have released the AT8175 Pop Filter, a new pop shield designed specifically for the company’s 20 Series microphones. Featuring a perforated steel mesh construction, the AT8175 has been designed to remain as acoustically transparent as possible whilst offering protection against plosives in close-miking applications. The device sports a sleeker look than many alternative solutions, and is also equipped with a custom clip that allows it to be attached to side-address 20 Series microphones without the need for any additional mounting hardware.

The AT8175 is compatible with the following Audio Technica models:

The AT8175 measures 74 × 63 × 88 mm, and weighs  31.1g.

Pricing & Availability

The AT8175 is available now, priced at $24.

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