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BAFTA-winning Audio Director gives masterclass at ACM

Adele Cutting talks Game Sound in SOS video

The Academy of Contemporary Music recently welcomed five acclaimed music producers to their annual Audio Production Event at their Guildford campus.

The event consisted of masterclasses and one-to-one sessions, giving their students a view to different sides of the music industry. SOS had a chance to talk to one of the guests, Adele Cutting, after her talk on the video games industry. Adele has worked at both Pinewood Studios and EA Games and now owns her own audio production company, Soundcuts. During the session, she spoke about the role of an Audio Director in the games industry, revealing that their responsibilities range from music through FX and speech.

Adele’s masterclass introduced students to sound design in the videogames industry and, after the session, a few lucky attendees got to expand their knowledge further in a one-to-one session with the BAFTA Award-winning Audio Director.

Adele shared:  “My one piece of advice for people wanting to get into sound design it is do your homework; it’s massively competitive to get involved in so I think, not only do you need a really good showreel with great sound design on it, but I think it’s important that you’ve looked into and understand some of the technologies that are out there.”

ACM believe these the Audio Production Event, of which Adele’s masterclass was a part, and similar events are vital for the development of their students as it gives them access to — and the chance to learn from — acclaimed industry professionals.
Mark Smithers, Music Production Pathway Leader, said: ”As firm believers in learning by doing, it is vital for us to put on these events at ACM. We are thrilled that so many fantastic producers have taken time out of their busy schedules to speak to our students – it was an amazing day and everyone left having learned a lot!”
For more information about open days at ACM, follow the link below.

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