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Blue launch Lola headphones

Lighter, ampless Mo-Fi follow-up announced

Blue have today announced Lola, a brand new pair of sealed over-ear headphones based on the unusual Mo-Fi active headphone design (reviewed in the November 2014 issue) launched last year. Lola, however, loses the integral amplifier, making this model lighter than Mo-Fi, and it also sports a slim-fit headband. The headphones still use the same massive 50mm drivers and enclosure architecture designed to deliver optimal performance by maximizing the volume of air around the drivers. 

Blue’s marketing material describes the result as a “full-range sound with tight and powerful low end, articulate and warm mids, and accurate extended high frequency response.” We look forward to putting that claim to the test.

“Until now, making music on headphones meant living with flat, unemotional sound.  Lola does what no headphone has done before—deliver mixes that translate, with a listening experience that feels dimensional and alive” said John Maier, CEO of Blue Microphones. “Whether you’re tracking, mixing, or listening recreationally, Lola reveals new detail in your music without sounding clinical or cold.  

As mentioned above, Lola also advances Blue’s innovative approach to personalized comfort and fit by introducing a new lighter, slim-fit headband. First introduced with Mo-Fi, Blue’s reinvented headband design features a four-point multi-jointed linkage system and pivoting arms that allow the headphones to stay perfectly parallel at all times.Lola furthers this design with a new slim version of this headband that provides total comfort and adjustability for any head shape and size — the idea being to make those long listening sessions more comfortable. The earcups, shaped like ears, are designed to provide a superior seal around the ears for more accurate bass response, improved isolation and reduced bleed. 

Lola comes with a soft travel case, a 3-meter audio cable, 1.5-meter audio cable with built-in mic and Apple iPhone/iPad controls, and a 3.5 mm to ¼ inch adapter. Lola (MSRP $249.99) will be available in charcoal black and pearl white starting in November.

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