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Blue intro Raspberry Studio recording system

All-in-one package offers USB mic plus recording and mastering software

Renowned microphone makers Blue have today announced Raspberry Studio, an all-in-one mobile recording system. Raspberry Studio combines Blue’s ultimate mobile USB microphone, Raspberry, with custom recording software from PreSonus and advanced mastering software from iZotope. Featuring professional production tools such as custom templates for music, voice-overs and podcasts, Raspberry Studio is designed to make it easy to produce professional quality projects anywhere.

“Raspberry Studio offers modern creators everything they need to produce studio-quality projects on the go,” said Tommy Edwards, Director of Product Management at Blue Microphones. “By combining Raspberry’s acclaimed design with custom Presonus recording software and iZotope mastering software, Raspberry Studio allows creators to move beyond the desktop studio, follow their inspiration and get professional results anywhere.”  

The Raspberry is Blue’s ultimate mobile USB microphone for PC, Mac and iOS. The mic’s condenser capsule is specifically tuned to sound great up close or at tabletop distance, say its makers, and it features an intriguing patent-pending Internal Acoustic Diffuser (IAD) — similar to the acoustic treatments found in professional studios and world class concert halls — which, according to Blue, focuses on the voice or instrument and minimizes environmental sounds by diffusing noise and reflections.

The Raspberry also features an integrated stand that minimizes contact with surfaces and isolates the microphone from vibrations. And onboard professional controls make it easy to adjust gain and monitor audio during recording. Raspberry easily folds up into the integrated stand and slips into the included soft carry case for extra protection and easy transport.

Raspberry Studio features PreSonus Studio One Artist Blue Microphones Edition recording software, which provides professional tools and intuitive workflows to aid seamless, hassle-free, multi-track recording. 

Featuring professionally designed presets and simple macro controls to shape your sound, iZotope Ozone Elements makes it easy to create a full, rich, and loud final master. Use the intuitive controls and sophisticated audio processing tools to quickly get your mixes ready for radio and streaming. 

Raspberry comes with a USB cable compatible with PC and Mac, along with a Lightning cable for iPad and iPhone connectivity.  Raspberry is compatible with most popular Android devices via the OTG accessory cable, which is not included. Raspberry Studio (MSRP $219.99) is available now.

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