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Cableguys release DriveShaper

"Ultimate distortion toolkit" unveiled

Cableguys DriveShaper

The latest plug-in from German software makers Cableguys is called DriveShaper, and it's being described by its developers as “the ultimate distortion toolkit”. It packs no fewer than 10 different varieties of distortion, ranging from soft clipping to extreme wavefolding, and apply it to up to three frequency bands independently.

DriveShaper allows for dynamic processing thanks to its powerful modulation options: an envelope follower lets you apply level- and transient-dependent amounts of distortion (by default the envelope is controlled with a single knob, but full attack/release parameters are available under the hood), while its flexible LFO system lets you choose from all the classic LFO shapes, or you can draw your own using the pen and node tools. The fun doesn't stop there though: you can apply the LFO or envelope modulation on a per-band basis, or even have different LFO types and speeds affecting your three bands independently.

Our early experiments with DriveShaper have been very successful indeed, especially at adding life to static pads or interest to reverb tails, and we look forward to bringing you a full review in due course. In the mean time, you can hear it in action in the video below.

DriveShaper is available to buy now for €39, or as part of the ShaperBox 2 bundle (which includes DriveShaper plus six other Shaper plug-ins) for €89. Alternatively, if you've bought any Cableguys plug-in before 16th December 2020, you can get it for free via the Cableguys website.

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