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Free podcasting app from Rode

New app works with NT-USB Mini desktop mic

Rode Connect

Rode have released a free software companion for their NT-USB Mini podcasting microphones. Rode Connect is designed for podcast production, and can accommodate up to four NT-USB Mini mics simultaneously. Add in its two 'virtual' channels — discrete streams intended for telecoms apps like Zoom, Hangouts and Skype — and you can multitrack record up to six guests simultaneously. Naturally, the remote participants can be fed a mix-minus signal, to ensure an echo-free recording.

The new app is said to be heavily inspired by Rode's powerful RodeCaster Pro device, and even lets you apply the same compression, gating and Aphex processing as its hardware counterpart.

Rode Connect is available to download now from the link below. Simultaneously, Rode have also released a range of coloured caps for the NT-USB Mini, which match the colours you can assign to the input channels in Rode Connect, making it easy to keep track of who's talking.

Finally, and in other Rode podcasting news, a new firmware for the RodeCaster Pro has also recently been made available. Version 2.1.0 adds a host of new features, including MIDI output from the RodeCaster's faders (allowing you to use it as a DAW controller), new sound pad functionality (including a 'swear button' mode for muting profanity in real time), and an updated ASIO driver for Windows systems.

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