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Decksaver protective cover range expanded

Hard shell clear covers for popular gear/instruments

Decksaver protective instrument cover for the Boss RC-505 MkII LooperDecksaver protective instrument cover for the Boss RC-505 MkII Looper

Decksaver, who make protective hard shell covers for synthesizers, pro audio and DJ equipment have announced the launch of 11 new products to their growing range. There are now over 320 covers available in 40 countries around the world.

As well as some entirely new products joining the line-up, Decksaver’s Moog Subsequent 37 cover has been remodelled, and now features cushioned inserts to protect the instrument’s wooden end cheeks. A full list of the new instrument and device covers to join the range is as follows:

  • Decksaver Moog Subsequent 37 protective coverDecksaver's Moog Subsequent 37 protective coverBehringer X-Touch
  • Behringer RD-9
  • Boss RC-505 MkII
  • Hydrasynth Explorer
  • Liven 8bit Warps
  • Moog Subsequent 37 (updated)
  • Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV1
  • Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV7
  • PLAYdifferently Model 1
  • PLAYdifferently Model 1.4
  • Roland SP404 MK2
  • Squarp Hapax

Decksaver say that the new additions will be launching in July. Pricing details can be found on the manufacturer's website.

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