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Edirol UA25EX

USB Audio Interface

Edirol's UA25 USB stereo audio interface has been a popular choice for laptop users and home studio owners on a budget since its release. But to make it even more desirable, Edirol have updated it, with the launch of the UA25EX.

The new model, which will supersede the original UA25, has more refined mic preamps and features an upgraded input limiter section, with two new settings. There's a threshold knob on the front panel, too, so you can dial in the exact amount required for your application. Also new is a ground-lift switch, which helps to remove hum caused by the earth loops often encountered when using laptops and the like.

Like its predecessor, it can record at 24-bit/96kHz and has optical digital inputs and outputs. It ships with Cakewalk's Production Plus Pack, which includes LE versions of Sonar, Project 5 and Dimension. Despite the improvements, the UA25EX will retail at £169, and is expected to be available in September.

More information can be found at the Edirol web site.

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