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Erica Synths & Richie Hawtin introduce Bullfrog XL

A super-sized educational synth

Erica Synths Bullfrog XL

Erica Synths, in collaboration with renowned electronic music artist Richie Hawtin, have unveiled the Bullfrog XL. Sharing a similar design to the recently released Bullfrog, the Bullfrog XL is three times larger and introduces some additional functionality such as an integrated oscilloscope. Designed specifically for educators, the XL version aims to provide a hands-on approach to electronic music production for a classroom environment.

Featuring a fully analogue design, Bullfrog XL boasts a range of functionalities including a highly accurate voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO), manually adjustable waveshapes, a Zener diode-based noise generator, and a resonant low-pass voltage-controlled filter (VCF). It also features a voltage-controlled amplifier (VCA) with adjustable offset, a delay effect, looping attack-sustain-release envelope generators (EG), and a sample & hold circuit.

The Bullfrog XL is significantly larger than the Bullfrog, measuring 820mm x 505mm x 65mm and weighing 8.3kg.The Bullfrog XL is significantly larger than the Bullfrog, measuring 820mm x 505mm x 65mm and weighing 8.3kg.

Part of Bullfrog XL's comprehensive educational toolkit includes voice cards for sequencer, sampler/looper, acid bassline, high-pass filter, LFO, and electric organ functionalities. The synthesizer also comes supplied with a set of three DIY voice cards, allowing users to explore and customise their sound further. The Bullfrog XL is also fully compatible with the original Bullfrog, including the voice cards.

The synthesizer comes with a comprehensive user manual that aims to accompany the learning process by providing understanding of the synth's functions as well as sound synthesis in general. The synth also ships with 12 quarter-inch patch cables and a 12VDC power supply.

Price & Availability

Bullfrog XL is available now from Erica Synths priced at €1700.

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