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FireSonic & United Plugins announce FireEQ

Equipped with Mid-Side high-pass and graphic EQ bands

United Plugins FireSonic FireEQ Mid-Side graphic EQ dynamics equaliser plug-in

FireSonic and United Plugins have announced the launch of FireEQ, a new EQ plug-in that offers some useful Mid-Side functionality and a simple one-knob control that makes quick work of adjusting the overall tonal balance of its output.

The top of the plug-in’s GUI features three controls: Depth, Dark/Bright and Magic. The first controls the overall amount of processing applied, while the second functions as a global tilt EQ, allowing users to quickly attenuate low frequencies while boosting the high end, or vice versa. Magic then applies some dynamics processing, working in a similar way to a multi-band compressor.

Moving on to the main EQ section, the plug-in provides high and low shelf bands with ±16dB of gain and a range of pre-defined frequency settings between 30 – 450 Hz and 1.5 – 16 kHz, along with a Low Cut section that includes both a variable 0 – 500 Hz high-pass filter with five selectable slope options and a Sidekill parameter that provides a matching high-pass filter that will only affect the low-frequency content in the Sides signal. The centre of the GUI is then occupied by an eight-band graphic EQ, with each band featuring a Mid-Side balance control.

A section to the right of the interface is kitted out with a range of helpful tools including undo and redo functions, built-in A/B setting comparison facilities with a Copy button to transfer settings between the two, and an AGC (Automatic Gain Compensation) button that adjusts the plug-in’s output relative to the level of the input signal. Finally, a ±12dB output gain slider is joined by a pair of large input and output level meters.


FireEQ is supported on PCs running Windows 8 or above, and Macs running macOS 10.10 and higher. VST, VST3, AU and AAX plug-in versions are available.

Pricing & Availability

FireEQ is available now, and is being offered at an introductory price of €15 until 31 March 2024, before increasing to its full price of €99.

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