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Focusrite lower ISA One & Two prices

Classic preamps now available for lower price

Focusrite ISA One Two transformer-coupled mic preamp price drop

Focusrite have announced that two of their popular ISA preamps have had their prices permanently reduced. The savings apply to both the ISA One and ISA Two, offering single- and two-channel variants of the company’s classic transformer-coupled design at a new, lower price.

Both units are based on the original ISA 110 that Rupert Neve developed for AIR Studios at the request of Sir George Martin, a design that went on to form part of the renowned Focusrite Studio Console. It has remained a key part of the Focusrite range since its introduction, with the current product line-up offering single-, two-, four- and eight-channel versions, along with the ISA 430 channel strip.

Both the ISA One and ISA Two employ a Lundahl LL1538 input transformer, and will accept mic, line and instrument inputs, with four switchable input impedance settings offering some varying tonal options — especially when being used alongside dynamic and ribbon mics. High pass filters and switchable insert points are present on both units, and the ISA One also comes equipped with a built-in headphone amp with a cue mix input, the option to fit an A-D card, an output to pass on the instrument signal to a guitar amplifier, and a front-panel VU meter.

We’ve put both units to the test here at SOS, take a look at the links below to see the reviews.


The ISA One and ISA Two are both available to order now at their new prices of £569.99 and £849.99 including VAT. More information can be found on the Focusrite website.

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